#1 - Gifteee.com

Gifteee is the new rising star of gift ideas. Launched in 2017 with a focus on unique, unusual and special gift ideas, as everyone prefers the un expected, unwonted, and something that everybody will talk about. The site include a huge collection of amazing gift ideas for all ages (Kids and Adults). The site constantly updates with handpicked unusual presents for the office, or as a birthday gift for your loved ones, or even for yourself if you are a fan of the unique! 

The site offers handpicked present ideas from many unusual and creative makers and hidden gems on Amazon, for certain will give you inspiration on your next holiday or birthday shopping.

#2 - Thisiswhyimbroke.com

If you're present buying for someone who is practically impossible to buy for, thisiswhyimbroke.com (This Is Why I'm Broke .com) is a must visit. It lists thousands of the weirdest and strangest, but often coolest things you can buy online. 
You'll pass hours just browsing the homepage before you even begin to filter down to find what you're looking for. Some of the stuff is cheap and cheerful, others are ridiculously expensive.

#3 Brookstone.com

Brookstone is a nationwide specialty retailer offering an assortment of consumer products that are functional in purpose, distinctive in quality and design and not widely available from other retailers. Brookstone first introduced itself to the world in a small classified ad selling "hard-to-find tools" in Popular Mechanics Magazine. The year was 1965.

From the beginning, quality of product, quality of service, and quality of people have been a hallmark of Brookstone. The first catalog consisted of 24 black-and-white pages, with detailed, no-nonsense information on features, capabilities, measurements, materials and anything that would help the customer with his or her buying decision.

#4 - Seekfancy.com

SeekFancy is the most powerful product discovery online shop, helping you discover awesome products with 7 new additions every week. It also provides you with the option of saving your favorite products in a private wishlist, and access exclusive discounts. It was founded in 2015 with one goal in mind: to simplify online product exploration.

#5 Hammacher.com

Hammacher Schlemmer is America's longest running catalog, offering the Best, the Only, and the Unexpected since 1848. The company provides unique products that solve problems or represent the only one of their kind, and backs its products by a rather famous Lifetime Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction. Hammacher Schlemmer's innovative offerings are available through its catalog, online at www.hammacher.com at its landmark store on East 57th Street in New York City.

#6 - Thegrommet.com

The Grommet is a community that connect everyday shoppers with individual and small business Makers, inventors, and entrepreneurs. The site includes innovative new products from these businesses in 16 different categories ranging from tech to pets, travel, accessories, outdoors, kitchen, kids and more.
Good customer support and satisfying experience. Items were dispatched convenient and were as promoted.

#7 Etsy.com

Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods.

Within our markets, millions of people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy unique goods. We also offer a wide range of Seller Services and tools that help creative entrepreneurs start, manage and scale their businesses. Our mission is to Keep Commerce Human.

#8 - FireBox.com

Wouldn't life be a little dull without a few weird and wonderful things to play with along the way? After all, getting old is inevitable, but growing up is optional. That's why Firebox scours the world, looking for the very latest gadgets, toys, games and other cool stuff. We search high and low for gifts with a twist. Products that are inspirational, quirky, bizarre and downright fun.

We're very selective though - so only the most original, exciting and unique gifts get picked.

From Las Vegas to Los Alamos, Tokyo to Tashkent, we scour the world looking for the 'coolest stuff you can buy', then make it available through our award-winning website.

#9 - Uncommongoods.com

UncommonGoods is an online and catalog retailer of creatively designed, high quality, and affordable products. They combine the treasures of a specialty boutique, the great finds of a craft show, discoveries from a faraway bazaar, along with some enduring classics. UncommonGoods offers an exciting selection of products for the home, as well as an assortment of distinctive personal accessories, with more categories to follow.

#10 - ThinkGeek.com

Think Geek is the place for everything geek and you can find almost everything that open’s a geek’s eyes. If you are looking for a birthday present for kids or teenagers you'll probably find something cool here. It lists all types of geeky home items, clothing, accessories, toys, gadgets and everything in between. You may also find rare collectibles available for a limited time from franchises like Star Wars, DC heroes and Dragon Ball Z, etc. If you can’t find a nifty gift idea here, you’ll probably have a hard time finding something on any other regular site.

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